Restoring the Vision

In-Person Attendance

On May 15th, Family Action Council of Tennessee and Alliance for Law and Liberty will host a unique “God-centered Worldview” seminar. Today’s video gives a little insight into what that means. The seminar will be held in the Nashville area, but will be live-streamed to those who cannot attend in person. It will begin at 9:00 a.m. (Central) and conclude at 3:00 p.m.  The speakers are Dr. George Grant, Jeff Shafer, and FACT’s president, David Fowler. Mark your calendar now. Registration is now open!

When you pre-register through Eventbrite, the $30 cost of admission for individuals or the $50 cost of admission for married couples to this Saturday half-day seminar includes all seminar materials. But beyond yourself, call your pastor and maybe one of your legislators and ask them to join you. We will waive your pastor’s registration fee and refund your registration fee if you get your legislator there.

A McAlister's boxed sandwich lunch can be purchased for $10 per person and will include a turkey sandwich, spud chips, cookie and a pickle. Water, coffee and tea will be provided. Please feel free to pack your own lunch if you prefer.

Note: Facial coverings will not be required for this event and spacing may not allow for a six-foot distance between participants depending on how many individuals register. 

Live-Steam Attendance

Access to a live-stream version of Restoring the Vision is available for $15 and can be accessed at anytime. Those who attend in-person will be given free access to the recorded stream to revisit the seminar. Register online using the same link below. You will be sent a link via email to watch. 
The seminar is rooted in Proverbs 29:18: “Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint, but happy is he who keeps the law.” 
The Apostle Paul affirms this truth in Romans 118-32: When we turn away from the revelation of God and make ourselves God, then we descend into a death spiral of unrighteousness and God “gives us over” to the consequences, the loss of any restraint in the expressing our enmity against God and one another.

That is why this worldview seminar will start by having noted author, speaker and pastor, Dr. George Grant, provide us a firm foundation in who God reveals Himself to be and what that means for us a human beings made in God’s image and as a society of human beings. Without a right understanding of who God is, we will engage in futile thinking (Romans 1:21).
Then we will turn to an application of these truths in the sphere of civil government and law. 

This section will be led off by Jeff Shafer former Senior Counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom. Mr. Shafer is as at home in the field of academics as in the courtroom when it comes to understanding how our understanding of law affects the direction of society. Jeff’s presentation will demonstrate with real-life examples of just how our wrong views of God have led to wrong views of law and how those have led to all “restraint” being “cast off” in our society.”
Finally, FACT’s president, David Fowler, an attorney, author, and former state legislator, will close with a session directed at hope for the future. He will lay out some fundamental constitutional concepts we need to know and strategies for pursuing a recovery of those concepts among our legislators and judges.
If you want to grow in your knowledge of and love of the greatness of God, are concerned about the direction of things in our country, want to have a strong God-centered view of law and government, and want to know how we can begin to recover a God-centered understanding of law and government, then Restoring the Vision is for you.

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