Keep Family First

We have seen generations fall apart over “my truth” and “my rights.”

This individualistic clamor for what I want and need at the exclusion of what might be best for my neighbor, my neighbor’s marital relationship, or my neighbor’s child is at the heart of many of today’s social ills including abortion, divorce, broken homes, and broken lives.
Without God, every person does what is right in his or her own eyes (Judges 21:25) and, without the law of God and knowing the love of God, our love of neighbor grows cold (Matthew 24:12).
Our culture has forgotten that marriage was instituted by God, and the family, because of its intended biological ties, is to serve as a bulwark for civil liberty by repelling encroachments on the authority God gave the husband and wife in relation to themselves and their children.
We have been fighting back legally and legislatively against dark forces that have sought to redefine when God-given life begins, ignore God-given biological realities as central to our identity as male and female, and redefine what God says makes for a marital relationship.
Whether we are fighting against these God-denying policies through our God-Given Marriage initiative, legislation that recognizes the unborn child’s right to life, or legislation that protects bodily privacy in places of undress, we need your financial support. We must have resources to respond to media attacks with our own social media efforts and we must have expert witnesses to overcome the constitutional hurdles that will be thrown at us by the ACLU and Planned Parenthood lawyers.
Please generously give your tax-deductible year-end gift to our education fund at the Alliance for Law and Liberty, and help us be the heartbeat of the family! Please note that donations given directly to FACT are no longer tax-deductible.

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