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Escaping Futility—Conforming Scripture to the World

To build rightly, so that our lives and our political engagement do not prove meaningless, we must have a Scripturally informed worldview. Today, David uses excerpts from Creation Regained by Dr. Albert Wolters to show how many today limit Scripture’s relevance in ways they may not appreciate. He offers a free resource that demonstrates how the limitation works its way out in the pursuit of public policy—the Christian’s worldview conforming to that of the world.



David's Latest Commentary:

The Politics of SCOTUS’ Leaked Abortion Opinion

May 20, 2022 by David Fowler

United States Supreme Court Justices are not supposed to be political, but there is a form of politics that takes place on most controversial cases. The leaked opinion in the pending abortion case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organizat...
The Politics of SCOTUS’ Leaked Abortion Opinion

News Snapshot

Sixth Circuit Holds Unconstitutional Major Part of Governor Lee's 2020 Signature Pro-Life Legislation

A federal appeals court on Wednesday once again reinstated a Tennessee ban on abortions because of a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome, or because of the race or gender of the fetus. The ruling also kept a six-week abortion ban blocked.
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