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Marital Contract Recording Act

The Marital Contract Recording Act allows a man and woman who have exchanged marital vows or promises to file with the local county clerk a document recording the fact that they have married. 

The Act is based on the fact that the relationship of a man and woman as husband and wife is not created by an act of the state legislature through licensure. Moreover, the right of a man and woman to enter into this particular kind of relationship is not based on a grant of permission given them by the legislature.
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Foundations: Is Today’s Church Without Answers?

Today David explains why he says “Christianity as it is presented and practiced today has no solution to the problems we face” in our culture. He explains why in reference to Mississippi 15-week abortion ban and the way it was argued in the Supreme Court.  The Church’s approach to law and government conforms to that of the world.


David's Latest Commentary:

Does the Word “Damnable” Describe the U.S. Supreme Court Today?

Jan 20, 2022 by David Fowler

I do not use the word in my title pejoratively; rather, I believe it is descriptive of the Court’s understanding of law, and it has given rise to legislation that poses the most fundamental worldview question Tennessee’s legislators will ...
Does the Word “Damnable” Describe the U.S. Supreme Court Today?

News Snapshot

Tennessee's Attorney General Joins in the Litigation Fray Against Biden's "Vaccine" Mandate

Tennessee's Attorney General joins in the litigation fray against Biden's "vaccine" mandate on federal contrators to have their empoyees vaccinated. The linked-to complaint shows the morass of applicable federal regulation.
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