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Nation Saving or Nation Building?

Many Christians, including preachers, politicians, and policy organizations, seem bent on “saving” America from further ruin by various means. Is that really the purpose for which the mystery of God was revealed in the person of Christ? Does the covenant with Abraham, illuminated by the new covenant in Christ, suggest a national purpose relative to law and civil government that Christians have not considered? And what kind of politicians and policy makers (and preachers) would we need, given our present ones seem to have failed us. Join David as he works through these questions.


David's Latest Commentary:

Did Evangelicalism Help Formulate Trump’s Views on Abortion?

Apr 10, 2024 by David Fowler

On Monday, Donald Trump released a video putting forward his position on abortion. It was predicated on six religious precepts as best I could tell. Each reminded me of something I see within the evangelical culture that protested his position. Did h...
Did Evangelicalism Help Formulate Trump’s Views on Abortion?

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