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The Law and the Constitution: Supreme Court Malfeasance Exposed

Oct 15, 2021

In today’s episode, David explains how the United States Supreme Court has perverted the U.S. Constitution to undermine the authority of states to deal with basic morals legislation, particularly in regard to human sexuality. Understanding the Court’s constitutional malfeasance will set your teeth on edge.

Law and the Constitution: Why the Ninth Amendment Is Fundamental

Oct 8, 2021

Few in the legal profession know what the Ninth Amendment is. But as David explains in today’s episode it embodies the fundamental structure and nature of the entire U.S. Constitution and the relationship between the federal and state governments. It actually reflects the rule of law.

Law and the Constitution: The Law of the Constitution

Oct 1, 2021

Most consider the Constitution the “supreme law of the Land” and, in a certain sense it is. But its words, phrases, and concepts were based on another law that precedes the Constitution and by which it must be understood. Not knowing this pre-existing law means one does not really understand the Constitution. Find out in today’s episode what law informs our understanding of the Constitution.

Law and the Constitution-What’s the Law Teaching You?

Sep 24, 2021

It seems that liberals understand better than conservatives that all law and the U.S. Supreme Court’s interpretation of the U.S. Constitution serve as invisible “public school” teachers. In today’s episode, David shows how the Bible, a key Supreme Court abortion precedent, Casey, and a ground-breaking book, After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gods in the 90’s, demonstrate the truth that law is a teacher.

A ‘Fake’ Rule of Law Surfaces

Sep 17, 2021

DOJ’s lawsuit against Texas and its new abortion law and the brief just filed by abortionists with the U.S. Supreme Court opposed to Mississippi’s abortion law both tout the “rule of law.” David explains why the rule of law cannot conceivably be at issue in any abortion case and sets the stage for a new series on “the law,” what is law and why should Joe and Susy Citizen, non-lawyers, even care.

The Rule of Law—From Past to Present

Sep 10, 2021

Today’s episode wraps up the Rule of Law series by bringing the creational law order of God that underlies the rule of law to the issue of racial segregation in the 1950’s and 60’s— from Blackstone to Birmingham. 

The Rule of Law: Grounded in Reason or Revelation?

Sep 3, 2021

Today, David tackles the question: If the rule of law is rooted in “the laws of nature and nature’s God,” then how is that to be known and understood so that civil government might know how to enact civil laws that conform to the rule of law? What, for example, is the role of human reason?

The Rule of Law: What Is it Really?

Aug 26, 2021

Today, David explains what the rule of law is and the Christian basis for it. From his explanation, it will be easy to see why the rule of law no longer exists in America, even though we still like to use the phrase.

The Rule of Law: How Evangelicals Undermined the Rule of Law

Aug 20, 2021

Americans pride ourselves on being a nation of law and not men, the “rule of law.” In today’s episode, David explains that it no longer exists because evangelicals by and large abandoned the very foundation on which the rule of law rests, and he gives a quick overview of what happened in the world of thought and in 20th century America that led to evangelicalism’s failure in the sphere of law.

The Rule of Law: Its Religious Roots

Aug 13, 2021

The stage was set for the development of the Rule of Law in the Western legal tradition with the investiture struggle in the mid-1100’s. Today, David takes a 30,000 foot level survey of that history and shows that some of our laws make no sense apart from the influence of Christianity. 

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