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Episode 17: Constitutional History of First Amendment

Nov 20, 2020

Today’s episode will be a shocker. David covers the constitutional history showing why the First Amendment’s two religion clauses do not apply to the conflict that exists today between Christians and civil laws that impinge on what Christians do or do not want to have to do, such as designing wedding cakes for same-sex weddings or providing abortifacients. David shows that today’s problems are not related to the problem of separating ecclesiastical establishments from civil government, which was the problem to which both religion clauses (and the prohibition on religious tests) were directed.

The First Amendment

Nov 13, 2020

Today David takes the history behind the liberty of conscience and applies it to the infamous correspondence between the Danbury Baptists in Connecticut and Thomas Jefferson and his infamous “wall of separation” response to the Baptists. You may be surprised to find that what Jefferson actually said was perfectly consistent with the liberty of conscience the First Amendment was designed to protect.

Conscience Cleansed

Nov 5, 2020

Today’s podcast is the last installment in understanding the concept of the freedom of conscience that grounded the First Amendment Free Exercise Clause. David examines how the Puritans understood the freedom of conscience and how it was made free. With this knowledge, we will begin to understand why liberty of conscience and free exercise was so important. Once freed, it was not to be brought back under bondage by the government.

Conscience II-The Guilty Conscience

Oct 30, 2020

In this episode, David continues his look at how liberty of conscience was understood and how it framed the First Amendment’s Free Exercise Clause. Specifically, he looks at the “bondage” under which conscience operated as prelude to understanding the nature of it is liberty and why its liberty was so important. 

An Introduction to the Liberty of Conscience

Oct 23, 2020

In this episode, David looks to the theological roots of the conscience, the role it plays in our lives, and why it was of such importance to the people of England during the English Reformation, providing background to the liberty of conscience that became the Liberty of Conscience Provision in the Tennessee Constitution and the Free Exercise of Religion Provision in the First Amendment.  

Church Polity- Establishment

Oct 16, 2020

It’s no secret why the First Amendment is under attack. When the theological roots of law are not understood, many parts of the law appear to lack an underlying source of validity. In this episode, David explains the secularization of the law and provides insight into the theological foundations of the Establishment Clause in the United States Constitution.

Fighting the Establishment

Oct 8, 2020

They say you can’t fight the Establishment, but don’t tell that to those dissenters—the Puritans—who took on the King of England and the direction in which he was moving the established Church of England. Today’s episode introduces the historical backdrop you must have if you want to have any clue about the First Amendment’s religion clauses—the fight between the Crown, as head of the established Church of England, and the Puritan dissenters.

How the Supreme Court Destroyed Liberty

Oct 2, 2020

If you want to know why Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court is such a pitched battle, then today’s episode will explain why. David takes a look at how the United States Supreme Court rejected God’s relevance to human law and effectively deified itself in place of God. [Playing off the Latin for Trinity, Judge Barrett would make up part of the “Novemity” (9 person god) that rules the United States.] It is the age-old problem confronted by Christians of rulers thinking they are God’s voice on the earth, that they mediate God to us instead of Christ.

The Foundation of Western Liberty

Sep 25, 2020

Who would have ever thought that the Christian doctrine that Jesus was fully God and fully man had anything to do with civil liberty? In this episode, David explains how the doctrine became the foundation for civil liberty in the West and and how the United States Supreme Court has presumed to vest in itself powers that belong only to God without any protest from the evangelical church.

An Introduction to Civil Liberty

Sep 18, 2020

In this episode, David introduces a new series which examines the idea of liberty. In the series, he will trace the history of liberty and show two fundamental types of liberty—liberty of conscious and personal liberty—were critical to the development of civil liberty and show how these three types of liberty were infused into the US Constitution. Today’s podcast covers the experiments in government and liberty up to time of Rome, and how those experiments paved the way for the Christian conception of liberty.

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