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Escaping Futility—How Scientific Methods Changed Protestantism

May 18, 2022

Even as politics began to shape the Protestant view of Scripture during and following the Second Great Awakening, a new method for approaching and interpreting Scripture arose, drawn from effects in every field of study of the scientific revolution introduced by Francis Bacon. Sadly, as this new approach took hold in Protestantism, that continues to this day, science was in the process of rejecting that approach. It changed Christianity and the nature of the gospel itself and fostered its current cultural irrelevance.

Escaping Futility—How Politics Came into and Changed Protestantism

May 18, 2022

The worldview of many evangelicals who say the Bible is their basis for understanding the world, including law and government, don’t realize that their view of Scripture, and thus, their worldview, began to be shaped more by politics during and following the Second Great Awakening than by Scripture. If you want to understand “our times,” why so many Christians don’t heed the Bible in law and government, and why Protestantism is wandering aimlessly about, you need to listen.

Escaping Futility—Conforming Scripture to the World

May 16, 2022

To build rightly, so that our lives and our political engagement do not prove meaningless, we must have a Scripturally informed worldview. Today, David uses excerpts from Creation Regained by Dr. Albert Wolters to show how many today limit Scripture’s relevance in ways they may not appreciate. He offers a free resource that demonstrates how the limitation works its way out in the pursuit of public policy—the Christian’s worldview conforming to that of the world.


Escaping Futility-Do Christians Have A Scripturally Sound Worldview?

May 12, 2022

Do Christians professing to have a Biblical or Christian worldview have a scriptural worldview? What’s the difference? Today, David talks about the difference, and how the view of Scripture today is basically dualistic—creating a separation between head and heart, spirit and body, and religion and government/law.  He offers a free monograph demonstrating that the presence of that dualism during that last legislative session.


Escaping Futility—Leaked Dobbs Opinion Show What Needs Rebuilding

May 5, 2022

The pro-life community rightly rejoiced when the leaked draft opinion in the Dobbs case indicated that the United States Supreme Court’s abortion jurisprudence may be overruled. But it was the response to the leaked opinion that revealed the true and  broad scope of the civilization rebuilding project that is needed. Understanding what is at the root of the response is necessary if we are to escape living futile lives.

Escaping Futility—‘Building’ to What End?

Apr 29, 2022

Today David takes a new turn. He turns from laying the foundation upon which Christians should “build” their lives—including their political and governmental beliefs—to what building rightly on that foundation looks like. The first question, David says, is, “What are we trying to ‘build’ in the first place?”

Foundations-Using the Devil’s Tools to ‘Win’ for God

Apr 22, 2022

Today David uses audio clips of an interview with Jeff Shafer from a CrossPolitic podcast and excerpts from the testimony of a Christian policy expert in support of the transgender sports bill in Tennessee to demonstrate how easy it is for Christians not to understand the nature of the worldview underlying the issue they want to oppose—biological males competing in college against females—and wind up making arguments that rely on the worldview that produced the problem. “Wins” on that basis will be short-lived.

Foundations—Is Statism the Foundation for Governing in Tennessee?

Apr 15, 2022

If the God of creation is not the controlling principle for understanding and interpreting all of life, including the boundaries under which civil government can operate, then civil government itself will become the controlling principle. That is statism, and David, along with his guests, demonstrate that a statist philosophy is dominant in the Tennessee legislature.

Foundations—What is the Christian’s “Metaphysic”?

Apr 8, 2022

Last week David demystified the word “metaphysics” by giving examples in everyday life of things we do based on our metaphysic and how policy decisions are based on metaphysics. He explained the “metaphysic” underlying Judge Ketanji Brown-Jackson’s inability to define a woman. Today, David explains the foundation of a Christian’s metaphysic.

Foundations—Judge Jackson’s Foundation is Mars (Hill)

Apr 1, 2022

If we are going to build lives that matter, there are two things we must know. And Judge Kentanji Brown Jackson’s non-answer to “How do you define ‘woman’” is the perfect launching point for that discussion. If we don’t know why her answer is perfectly logical, we may not know what we need to know, particularly in the context of law, government, and politics.

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