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Cultural Worldview

Feb 19, 2021

Today, David is joined by Dr. Andrew Sandlin, Founder and President of the Center for Cultural Leadership, to discuss his newest book, Creational Worldview, and how a foundation for hope and purpose in our current personal and social circumstances must be laid in Genesis 1 and 2 in order for the redemption story that begins in Genesis 3 to make sense. Sandlin asserts, “If we get creation wrong, we can’t get the gospel right.” And if we don’t get the gospel right, we won’t get anything else right, which leads to lack of purpose and hopelessness. You will not want to miss this episode! To learn more about Dr. Sandlin and Center for Cultural Leadership click here.

Christian Resistance to Reforming Politics

Feb 11, 2021

Today’s episode explores the historical precedent (Christian Political Action in an Age of Revolution) by which we might expect that a truly Christian engagement in politics will generate serious opposition within the Christian community and even among the clergy. It promises to be eye-opening, not just from an historical perspective, but based on David’s own experiences.  Why? Because the message of “peace, peace” and charity above truth is not new among the people of God. As you listen, you may begin to wonder what might have a greater potential to bring reformation in the church than people in the pews engaging in politics from a truly God-centered perspective, not a save-America perspective. It could lead to needed conversations about who God is and the relationship of God to His creation.

The Two Kinds of Conservatives

Feb 5, 2021

As Christians evaluate how they should respond to the “social question” with which our society is confronted, David notes in today’s episode the two kinds of conservatives that will oppose Christian engagement in politics. Christians must be careful not to fall into either of those two camps.

Independence-Rejection of God

Jan 28, 2021

In today’s episode of David’s “Hope and Purpose” series, he confronts one of the objections that will surely be raised when Christians take seriously the understanding that all things—including government and law—are under and subject to God and to laws pertaining to the nature given to them by God: the separation of church and state. He discusses the difference between “separation” and “independence” and their different effects

Pope and Kuyper Assessment

Jan 22, 2021

Last week David defined the “social question” we face—a time in which the present state of things cannot continue and what is at issue is whether are the received structures of society and government are appropriate for the current age. For those who think this is not the question, David explains how even Pope Francis has called into question a free market system and explains the Biblical corrective of the inequality that he perceives, which Abraham Kuyper perceived 100 years earlier.

Defining the Social Question

Jan 14, 2021

To have hope and purpose, one must have a clear  understanding of what is at the root of our  present situation. Otherwise, hope will wane  when the purpose hoped for is not being and  probably will not be realized. In today’s  episode, David gets at the root of our present  situation, which was predicted over 100 years  ago. David uses this episode to help us  hear what was then ignored.

S2/E22: Hope and Purposeā€”An Introduction

Jan 8, 2021

Today begins a new series entitled “Hope and Purpose” which arises out of recent political outcomes and a constituent’s question, “Is the Republic lost? What can be done? In this first episode, David begins to lay the foundation for hope and purpose relative to our nation and its political life by asserting that we must first diagnose the nature of the situation. Like the fear engendered by an undiagnosable illness, hope for “saving the republic” must first be put in the context of the problem we face. But we must also diagnose whether it is worth saving and, if so, why and for what purpose.

Liberty Disconnected

Dec 18, 2020

David brings the recent series on civil liberty to a close by exposing how the last element of the U.S. Supreme Court’s destruction of civil liberty with its decision in Roe v. Wade, namely, its misuse of the Due Process Clause in the 14th Amendment to make up a liberty that was completely foreign to the common law understanding of that word at the time it was used. You will learn how the Court used “liberty” in the Due Process Clause to do the very thing the clause was intended to prevent.

Roe v. Wade

Dec 11, 2020

Today David continues his explanation of how the U.S. Supreme Court manipulated the words in the 14th Amendment’s Due Process Clause to avoid the meaning the words in that Clause had in the common law at the time the amendment was adopted. This week he focuses on how the Court misconstrued the word “liberty” in the Due Process Clause. Understanding where the Court went wrong is critical to understanding  what must be attacked when states defend new abortion laws.

Absolute Rights and Due Process

Dec 3, 2020

On today’s installment in David’s series on civil liberty, he explains why the common law and its understanding of absolute and relative rights and duties is so important. David believes that when you understand these concepts, you will understand the purpose of the 5th and 14th Amendment’s Due Process Clauses. And,  you will begin to understand how the United States Supreme Court has highjacked the Due Process Clause to destroy civil liberty.”

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