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Law and the Constitution-Evaluating Oral Arguments in Abortion Case

Dec 3, 2021

The doctrine of stare decisis—whether SCOTUS should adhere to former decisions—dominated oral arguments on Wednesday in the most significant abortion case since Planned Parenthood v. Casey in 1992. Today, David looks at a key exchange in the arguments to demonstrate why Justice Thomas has correctly said the Court’s application of that doctrine violates the U.S. Constitution.

Law and the Constitution—Roe v. Wade and Stare Decisis

Nov 24, 2021

Next Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on what to do with Roe v. Wade. If you are pro-life, this is a must listen. David again uses the words of Justice Clarence Thomas to explain why using “stare decisis” to perpetuate for decades wrong decisions like Roe violates the separation of powers under the U.S. Constitution. You will know why “Black Robed Legislators” is an apt description of the Court.

Law and the Constitution-Justice Thomas ‘Bashes’ His Colleagues

Nov 19, 2021

Previously, David has explained the history of the doctrine of stare decisis that is now used to uphold Roe v. Wade. Today he takes a 2019 opinion of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in which he said stare decisis “does not comport with our judicial duty under Article III” and explains how it is used to provide cover for a “living constitution” the Court can manipulate.

Law and the Constitution- Stare Decisis and a ‘Living’ Constitution

Nov 12, 2021

Today David explains what you need to know to appreciate the oral arguments to be made in the Supreme Court on December 1st in the most significant abortion case since 1992. Stare Decisis will be key to whether Roe v. Wade is overturned. David exposes how liberals have ripped stare decisis from its common law context, twisted it to create a “living Constitution,” and then used it to protect the “new rights” created by their constitutional malfeasance.

The Law and the Constitution: Stare Decisis—A Tool for Supreme Court Tyranny

Nov 5, 2021

With important gun rights and abortion cases now being argued before the U.S. Supreme Court, you must understand the role of stare decisis—the use of past precedents—and its rather arbitrary application by the Court. Listen and you’ll know why liberals like U.S. Senator Blumenthal make stare decisis a litmus test for judicial confirmation.

The Law and the Constitution: The Truth About Judicial Independence

Oct 29, 2021

This spring, when the Tennessee House of Representatives was critical of a Tennessee judge who tried to rewrite our election laws, lawyers and judges rushed to her defense claiming the legislature was violating the “independence of the judiciary.” Today, David exposes the wrongheaded understanding of judicial independence that is prevalent today and why it is dangerous to the preservation of our constitution. 

The Law and the Constitution: SCOTUS Is Like the Wizard of Oz

Oct 22, 2021

The Wizard of Oz looked powerful, but it was an illusion, and the same is true of U.S. Supreme Court. Today, David explains why the Founders said federal courts were “the least dangerous branch” of the government and how our elected officials, either from ignorance or cowardice, have fostered the illusion that the Court is the most powerful branch because it “interprets” the Constitution.

The Law and the Constitution: Supreme Court Malfeasance Exposed

Oct 15, 2021

In today’s episode, David explains how the United States Supreme Court has perverted the U.S. Constitution to undermine the authority of states to deal with basic morals legislation, particularly in regard to human sexuality. Understanding the Court’s constitutional malfeasance will set your teeth on edge.

Law and the Constitution: Why the Ninth Amendment Is Fundamental

Oct 8, 2021

Few in the legal profession know what the Ninth Amendment is. But as David explains in today’s episode it embodies the fundamental structure and nature of the entire U.S. Constitution and the relationship between the federal and state governments. It actually reflects the rule of law.

Law and the Constitution: The Law of the Constitution

Oct 1, 2021

Most consider the Constitution the “supreme law of the Land” and, in a certain sense it is. But its words, phrases, and concepts were based on another law that precedes the Constitution and by which it must be understood. Not knowing this pre-existing law means one does not really understand the Constitution. Find out in today’s episode what law informs our understanding of the Constitution.

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