Rule of Law Life Act

At the conclusion of the August 2019 Summer Study before the Judiciary Committee of the Tennessee Senate on Senate Bill 1236, known as the “heartbeat bill,” FACT President David Fowler was asked by the committee’s vice chair, Senator Jon Lundberg, to rework the bill in order to present to the committee the strongest pro-life bill possible, framed under the Ninth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
David gave what he is calling the Rule of Law Life Act to the committee’s chair, Senator Mike Bell; the sponsor of Senate Bill 1236, Senator Mark Pody; and the governor’s chief legal counsel, Lang Wiseman.
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The Rule of Law Life Act essentially puts the U.S. Supreme Court’s opinions on abortion construing “liberty” under the 14th Amendment on a direct collision course with the rights of the people under the Ninth Amendment to secure the common law right to “life.”

In the process, the legislation exposes the fact that the words “life, liberty, and property” in the 14th Amendment come from common law and have been given a tortured meaning by our “living constitution” justices. The current five “original meaning” justices will understand the point—the Court needs to return to the original meaning of these words.

The legislation’s insistence on the Constitution being given its original meaning and the Constitution being treated as law, not judicial opinions, is why it is titled the Rule of Law Life Act.

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