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Making Practical the Application of the Biblical Conception of Law

Today David uses apparently contradictory verses in Proverbs to demonstrate how easy it is to read the Bible according to the legal positivism of Jeremy Bentham. Then he applies the wisdom hidden in that apparent contradiction to how we should argue in federal court in support of the constitutionality of state laws prohibiting the application of transgender procedures to minors. Today’s episode may tell you if you’re really a legal positivist.


David's Latest Commentary:

Make Things Simple When Arguing With Those Engaged in Folly

Jun 1, 2023 by David Fowler

For years, two consecutive verses in the Book of Proverbs in the Bible did not make any sense to me as a trained lawyer and lawmaker. However, in recent years I came to understand the apparent contradiction between them. The wisdom those verses conta...
Make Things Simple When Arguing With Those Engaged in Folly

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