Cambridge, Massachusetts Legalizes Polyamory

Mar 17, 2021

Cambridge, Massachusetts Legalizes Polyamory
A city in Massachusetts legalized polyamory, a domestic partnership that allows three or more individuals. This is the second municipality to do such a thing in America.

Reason wrote that the city of Cambridge approved an ordinance on Monday, amending an existing rule that says a domestic partnership is defined with only one partner.

With the new statute, the city now defines a domestic partnership as an "entity formed by two or more" unrelated individuals. It will have to file a registration declaring that the individuals in the said partnership are "in a relationship of mutual support, caring and commitment" and intend to stay in such relationship, are not engage in another domestic partnership and regard themselves as a family.

The new ordinance also does not require the individuals to be living together, as well as proving their familial relationship.

The City Council of Somerville legalized polyamorous partnerships in June last year. But Adams said that Somerville's statute stipulates provisions that are hard to put into practice, whereas the new Cambridge ordinance was drafted by PLAC's legal expert team and thus will "have much greater practical impact."

Polyamory defies the biblical standard, since God created only one woman, Eve, to be Adam's partner. It will also contradict New Testament's description for an ideal specification of a deacon or elder to be "the husband of one wife," stated in 1 Timothy 3.

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Cambridge, Massachusetts Legalizes Polyamory -- Domestic Partnerships Between Three Or More Adults 
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