Hallmark to Feature LGBT Storylines, Characters In Upcoming Holiday Films

Jul 24, 2020

Hallmark LQBTQ Christmas Movies

Hallmark’s parent company Crown Media announced 18 out of its 40 new Christmas films and has confirmed that there will be “LGBTQ+ representation along the way” for the remaining 22 films.

A Crown Media spokesperson stated, “Yesterday we announced 18 movies of the estimated 40 holiday movies we will produce by year-end. Of those 40, I can confirm that we will include LGBT+ storylines, characters, and actors. We are in active negotiations and look forward to announcing more details when we can.”

If Hallmark airs  LGBT-themed Christmas film this year, it will be the first time in the network’s history. The traditionally conservative channel has tended to shy away from featuring LGBT lead characters in its original films.

Last December Hallmark removed a wedding advertisement featuring a same-sex couple after One Million Moms, a group of parents working to stop the exploitation of children by entertainment media, issued a petition asking the company to keep its content “family-friendly” by keeping the “promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism” out of its movies and advertisements. Crown Media’s commitment to inclusivity was later called into question and the commercial was reinstated.

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