Netflix Cartoon "Big Mouth" 'Grooms Children for Sexual Abuse,' Watchdog Alleges

Sep 15, 2021

Netflix Cartoon
A prominent family media watchdog group is alleging that the popular Netflix show "Big Mouth" "grooms children for sexual abuse" and is urging authorities to investigate the show for potentially violating child pornography laws. 

In a report published Wednesday, the Parents Television and Media Council voiced concerns with the adult animated TV series that focuses on middle schoolers going through puberty and depicts 12-and-13-year-old children in sexual situations and engaging in sexual dialogue.
The report contains graphic screenshots and lists examples of “sexualizing or sexually exploitative content involving children” across the 10 episodes of the show’s fourth season.

PTC found that across the entire 4.5 hours of programming that comprised “Big Mouth’s” fourth season, each minute of programming featured “almost 4 instances of sex, violence and profane, indecent, or obscene language.” 

The fourth season contained “17 instances of animated nudity, most of it featuring the genitals of minor-aged characters.”

Additionally, PTC tallied “190 sexual references or instances of sexual innuendo.” The series also contained a multitude of profanity, including sexually charged language that “the PTC has never seen or heard on any television program [in] its 26-year history.”...

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Netflix cartoon 'grooms children for sexual abuse,' watchdog alleges

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