North Carolina County Passes Pro-Life Resolution

Aug 23, 2019

Yadkin County Board of Commissioners in North Carolina passed a resolution to become the first official sanctuary county for unborn babies in America.

Pastor Keith Pavlansky, president of Personhood North Carolina, an affiliate of Personhood Alliance, called the resolution “the first step in adopting a complete culture of life in our communities.”

The resolution accomplishes two objectives: first, it makes a statement that life begins at conception, and, second, it expresses a commitment by the county to enforce the new policy “by all means within its power, in accordance with its responsibilities as the people’s elected local representatives.”

This landmark resolution in Yadkin County marks just the first phase of the Personhood Alliance’s three-phase system. The second phase is a community-building, education, and preparation phase that will prepare the county residents in the third phase “to defend its position politically, legally, and morally so it can peacefully defy judicial tyranny and the unjust ruling of Roe v. Wade.”

While some might claim this movement is unconstitutional, attorney Gualberto Garcia Jones, president of the Personhood Alliance, relies on two U.S. Supreme Court decisions, Poelker v. Doe and Webster v. Reproductive Health Services, both of which provide that neither the Constitution nor Roe forbids a state or city from expressing a preference for or making a value judgment favoring childbirth over abortion. Garcia further notes, “We have to stop bowing down to a judiciary that has substituted pro-abortion ideology for the Constitution. To openly challenge the injustice of abortion is not a call to anarchy, but instead, it is a return to law and order in America.”

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