Ohio Gov. Signs Bill Requiring Women To Cremate Or Bury Aborted Fetus

Jan 7, 2021

Ohio Gov. Signs Bill Requiring Women To Cremate Or Bury Aborted Fetus
A new Ohio law requires the fetal remains of aborted babies to be cremated or buried, and it mandates abortion providers do so if the woman declines involvement.
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine on Dec. 30 signed into law Senate Bill 27, which states “a pregnant woman who has a surgical abortion has the right to determine” if the “fetal remains” will be cremated or buried.Any woman who obtains an abortion in Ohio will be informed prior to the procedure that she can choose the final disposition of the fetal remains. Under the text of the law, abortion clinic officials can be found guilty of a misdemeanor by violating the law. The law explicitly states that the pregnant woman “is not guilty” if she fails to cremate or bury fetal remains under the text of the law.
Molly Smith from The Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio said they are pleased that another pro-life law has been enacted and “that we have now adopted into law another important bill to honor life and keep the abortion industry accountable.”

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Ohio gov. signs bill requiring women to cremate or bury aborted fetus

Cremation or Burial of Fetal Remains After Surgical Abortion Becomes Law in Ohio
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