So-Called ‘Conversion Therapy’ Practitioner Apologizes for Stance

Sep 6, 2019

McKrae Game, who founded Hope for Wholeness, an Exodus-backed organization that uses faith-based methods to help those with unwanted same-sex attractions, referred by critics pejoratively as “conversion therapy,” is now discrediting such organizations.

He was fired from Hope for Wholeness two years ago after nearly two decades with the ministry and then announced in June that he engaged in homosexual activity and severed his ties with sexual orientation change efforts.

In a long Facebook post last week, Game, now 51, asked for forgiveness, writing, “Creating a catchy slogan that put out a very misleading idea of ‘Freedom from homosexuality through Jesus Christ’ was definitely harmful . . . The very harmful cycle of self shame and condemnation has to stop. It’s literally killing people!”

While Christians should have compassion on those who are struggling with same-sex attraction like Game and those he ministered to in his past, we must remember that love must always include truth from God’s Word; otherwise those who engage in that behavior (like all who are not reconciled to God through Christ) will someday face the justice of God’s righteous judgment.

Please take a few moments to pray for Mr. Game that God would open his eyes to the deception that coming to peace with himself in regard to his homosexual attractions and conduct is not the same as coming to a place of peace with God through union with Christ (Romans 5:1).

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