U Penn Trans-Identified Swimmer Wins Two More Races at Meet Against Harvard Women

Jan 24, 2022

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The University of Pennsylvania's trans-identified swimmer Lia Thomas won the 100-meter and 200-meter freestyle races against Harvard over the weekend, days after the NCAA unveiled a new policy allowing each sport to determine its policies regarding the participation of trans-identified athletes.

Amid outrage over the allowance of biological males who identify as females to compete in women’s athletics, Thomas finished the 100m race in 50.55 seconds, and the 200m race in 1:47.08, Fox News reported.

Thomas, a senior who had previously competed for years on the men’s team, has drawn much backlash while competing on Penn's women’s team. The athlete's participation led to one USA Swimming official resigning and members of Penn women’s swim team speaking out in the press about what they perceive as an unfair advantage.

Sixteen members of the University of Pennsylvania’s women’s swim team have sincesent a letter to school and Ivy League officials speaking out against transgender teammate Lia Thomas’ participation in the upcoming championship meets. They also ask the university and league to not take legal action against the NCAA if it adopts a policy barring Thomas’ eligibility.

News Sources:

16 Penn swimmers send letter saying teammate Lia Thomas has an unfair advantage

U Penn trans-identified swimmer wins 2 more races at meet against Harvard women
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