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driver putting on seatbelt in the car

Massachusetts Joins ‘Non-Binary’ Bandwagon

Nov 15, 2019

Massachusetts residents now have the option of choosing “non-binary” as a “gender designation” on state driver’s licenses. According to the state Department of Transportation, this new designation is available for new...

NFL footballs

NFL Halftime Singer Ellie Goulding Will Perform After Salvation Army Hiccup

Nov 15, 2019

Grammy award-winning singer Ellie Goulding will perform during the Cowboys/Bills Thanksgiving Day halftime show after threatening to cancel over fake news concerning The Salvation Army. The football event marks the launch of The Salvation Army'...

preacher with a microphone showing an engagement ring

Tennessee Independent Baptists Organization Allowed to File Brief in Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Appeal

Nov 15, 2019

Last week we told you that Tennessee Independent Baptists for Religious Liberty has asked the state’s Court of Appeals here in Nashville to accept a friend-of-the-court brief in a case in which a couple of Williamson County ministers and citize...

graphic depicting a chemical abortion

Chemical Abortions on the Rise

Nov 8, 2019

While the rate of abortion in America has decreased, there are some alarming statistics that should give pro-lifers pause before claiming that a lower abortion rate is a sign of victory. For starters, between 2014 and 2017, the latest figures from...

couple talking with adoption agency

Liberals Decry Trump Rule Over Adoption Agencies’ Religious Liberty

Nov 8, 2019

Ever since Trump announced a change to the adoption process last Friday on the first day of National Adoption Month, liberals have been claiming that the administration is making it harder for homosexual parents to adopt. But is that really true? ...

Kellogg Goes LGBT Crazy

Kellogg Goes LGBT Crazy

Nov 1, 2019

Kellogg has just unveiled a limited-edition cereal featuring the cartoons from Corn Flakes, Froot Loops, Frosted Flakes, Frosted Mini Wheats, Raisin Bran, and Rice Krispies to tout the pro-LGBT agenda. Calling its variety pack of cereals “Al...

icon to represent Little Sisters of the Poor and state of California

Appeals Court Rules Against Little Sisters of the Poor

Nov 1, 2019

After six years of litigation including one trip to the U.S. Supreme Court, Little Sisters of the Poor continues to fight for a religious exemption from the contraceptive mandate of the Affordable Care Act. On October 22, the U.S. Court of Appeals fo...

gender confusion

Seven-Year-Old’s ‘Gender Transition’ Battle

Oct 25, 2019

A Dallas, Texas, judge has stepped in to modify the decision of a jury that had designated Dr. Anne Georgulas as the sole managing conservator of her twin sons over the boys’ father, Jeffrey Younger, in a complicated custody battle. The judge i...

The TN.10.10 event in Nashville

An Overview of Tennessee’s Day of Prayer and Fasting

Oct 11, 2019

Several thousand Tennesseans gathered last night at the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville in response to Governor Bill Lee’s proclamation urging citizens to set aside that day for prayer and fasting. The event was organized by various Nashville...

Planned Parenthood Builds Huge Abortion Facility in Secret

Oct 11, 2019

Since last August, Planned Parenthood began secretly building a huge, 18,000 square-foot abortion facility in southern Illinois only about 10 to 15 miles away from the only active abortion clinic in Missouri that is still undergoing licensing issues ...

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