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Restoring the Ruins—Getting a Right Conception of the Constitution

Sep 16, 2022

In today’s episode, David uses a conception of the Constitution expressed by five U.S. Supreme Court justices in the 1992 decision, Planned Parenthood v. Casey, that affirmed the abortion holding in Roe v. Wade. He weaves it, along with a common every day legal practice involving millions of Americans a year, into the theme on which the whole story of the Bible rests.

Restoring the Ruins- Is Restoring Law and the Constitution Futile  Obedience?

Sep 9, 2022

 In the penultimate episode of this series, David addresses head on the prevailing pessimism for any expectation for cultural progress if Jesus is indeed returning soon. Is obedience then simply for the sake of personal sanctification? A close look at the thread of the Noahic covenant running from Genesis through the epistles gives us a different perspective that should attend our current labors. 

Restoring the Ruins—Respect for Marriage Act and Eschatology

Sep 1, 2022

Eschatology affects the way we look at legislation. Today David explains how eschatology affects the way Christians will look at the Respect for Marriage Act pending in Congress and an even more fundamental issue—what does pursuing the Kingdom of God and His righteousness look like in this context.

Restoring the Ruins: Why Do Christians Think Like Losers?

Aug 26, 2022

It is hard to work toward restoring our nation’s ruined legal and constitutional foundation when today’s prevailing eschatology says those efforts are divinely appointed to fail. The Christian eschatology that produced the Western Legal Tradition was rooted in the belief that by the death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ all things were being made new. What changed? Is there any Scripture we can point to that objectively assures us our restorative labors in this world are not in vain? Absolutely!

Restoring the Ruins—The Right Perspective is Necessary

Aug 19, 2022

Last week David explained how a change in eschatology undermined the foundations of Western Legal Tradition. Today he begins to lay the foundation for how we need to think about time and history if that foundation is to be restored. He explains how an evolutionary view of time and history has replaced that which the Bible says is true of God and creation.

Restoring the Ruins—What Does Eschatology Have to Do with Law?

Aug 11, 2022

Eschatology can be a contentious subject in evangelicalism. But few realize the critical role it played in development of the Western Legal Tradition. Even fewer know why today’s prevailing eschatology undermined and helped lead to the loss of the Western view of law. Don’t be “left behind” in your knowledge of the rise and fall of the Western view of law.

Restoring the Ruins—Is the ‘Western Legal Tradition’ Gone?

Aug 5, 2022

Colleges increasingly minimize or fail even to teach Western Civilization, and that means the Western Legal Tradition on which our law and Constitution rest are jettisoned too. But what is that tradition and is it even important now? Does it relate to anything the U.S. Supreme Court does now?

Restoring the Ruins—Justice Thomas Explains How Common Law Thinking Works

Jul 29, 2022

How is the Constitution relevant to our modern problems especially if it is going to be interpreted based on the common law meaning of the words at the time it was ratified? For example, how does that work when the “arms” referenced in the Second Amendment envisioned muskets? David walks us through Justice Clarence Thomas’ explanation of how the justices think about the common law, and then show how we all think the same way every day.

Restoring the Ruins- Justice Thomas Shows How to Repair the U.S. Constitution

Jul 22, 2022

Today, David takes Clarence Thomas’ majority opinion in the Court’s decision protecting the 2nd Amendment from encroachment by the state of New York to demonstrate a right understanding of common law and its importance to the Constitution. That five other Justices signed onto the opinion makes understanding it vitally important.

Restoring the Ruins— What is Common Law and Why Even Care?

Jul 15, 2022

In 20th century, teaching common law fell into disrepute in law schools. In June, the U.S. Supreme Court based two constitutional decisions on the common law. Today, David explains why Christian should care about common law and insist that an understanding and appreciation of it be diffused throughout the church.

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