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If Compromise Is Not the Solution, What Is?

Aug 14, 2020

Can Christians take on the principles of liberalism, denying God's relevance to the social order, and serve the cause of religion and freedom? David will discuss the idea of principle versus moderation and tolerance.

Why Society's Veneer Has Cracked

Aug 7, 2020

Continuing to look at Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's speech to Harvard in 1978, and the prophetic nature by which he spoke of the unrest in our Western society and just how easy our entire culture falls into despair. Without God, hope is a frivolous venture when it is dependent on an economy or the whims of the media. Quite incredible that where we were in 1978, seems to be right where we are in 2020.

The Makings of a Good Political Candidate

Jul 31, 2020

Often times when voting for a political effort, there is a feeling that we must resign ourselves to voting for the lesser of two evils. And that is a terrible outlook on politics. But when two conservative candidates run television ads going for the jugular in order to get ahead in the polls, one is left considering, what really makes a good, or a Godly candidate? David takes a look into a 1978 speech from Alexander Solzhenitsyn and dives into that question.

Emergency Powers and the Political Process

Jul 25, 2020

David discusses the Tennessee Governor's current use of the state's emergency powers statute and takes a look at how that applies to the separation of powers. Also, you might know that we are in the middle of the primaries for the U.S. Senate seat. And, you might have seen some negative ads going back and forth between two candidates in particular. Is this politics? Is this what the voters expect? Better yet, how should two men who confess to be followers of Christ engage in political debate as candidates?

How Court Opinions Affect Abortion Laws

Jul 17, 2020

Many know that Tennessee has been embattled over the last 2 years in passing meaningful legislation in our state dealing with abortion. And while members of the pro-life community have been split on how to get this done, we remain united in the mission to protect life in the womb. Now that we have passed the Governor's heartbeat bill, it is up to the courts to decide how much, if any, of our law will remain enforceable as it will inevitably go head to head with the precedent set by the Casey decision and the viability standard. In this episode, we are taking a look into how court opinions should and should not inform how these proceedings play out.

The Supreme Court and Religious Liberty

Jul 10, 2020

Supreme Court decisions regarding family, life and religious liberty issues have been coming fast and furious in recent weeks. And while we have had some victories and have reason to be hopeful, we are also hesitant to see these wins as but a momentary reprieve from a very tumultuous and uncertain future. These rulings have to do with laws and statutes that can be changed with the rising and lowering of the tide. Some are also based on regulations in which a sitting president has the power to continue or restrict. All in all, our Constitutional rights are not being upheld by the Court in a manner that guarantees them or preserves them for future generations. But if 2020 has taught us anything, a sure thing is just wishful thinking.

Law and Order and Man's Depravity, Part II

Jul 3, 2020

We continue our discussion from last week regarding man's true nature of depravity and how that influenced our Founder's thinking in creating a government of law and order, checks and balances and a separation of powers. From the Federalist Papers and even a letter written by George Washington, these men knew that crafting a governmental structure made for liberty was going to be hard-fought not only to create but also to keep. And this week, on this nation's 244th birthday, we still find ourselves grappling with these ideas and on the verge of tyranny while holding loosely to the ideas that continue to preserve our liberties to this day. 

Law and Order and Man's Depravity, Part I

Jun 26, 2020

With cries around the country to "defund the police" and replace our law enforcement agents with social workers, it is more clear than ever that many are deceived by one prevailing thought of the age, that people are inherently good. We even hear this in churches despite the Gospel's clarity regarding our sin nature and our need for redemption, our need for Christ. We will begin to take a look at man's true nature of depravity and how this truth impacted the Founder's thinking in structuring our government.

A Tough Week for Conservatives

Jun 19, 2020

What a disappointing week. We'll talk about two decisions that came out of the U.S. Supreme Court and a shocker from Justice Gorsuch. But also here in Tennessee, we lost the battle for a solid constitutional argument to protect the life of the unborn. The news will make its rounds and Tennessee GOP lawmakers will pat themselves on the back about how pro-life they are leading into the November elections. And, major conservative news outlets will shout, "victory!" But don't be fooled. Nothing special happened here in Tennessee. We just did what everyone else has already done and the bill will soon be headed towards another bitter defeat in the courts. It could have all been so different. 

What is the Root of Civil Unrest

Jun 12, 2020

Our nation is in turmoil. Our cities are being burned. And where is the church in all of this? Where can we find the truth necessary to bring clarity and healing to a nation so overtaken by brokenness? May we submit that in order to find the right solution to a problem, we need to first ensure that we are asking the right questions. But it seems the left already has all of the answers. And as history tends to repeat itself here in America, the church simply follows the cues of a broken culture. 

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