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How do you disciple a nation in law and politics?

Apr 26, 2024

Today, David talks about how discipling a nation (Matthew 28:19) might look different from what is being done today in law and public policy. He uses a statement made on the Tennessee House floor this week by an influential Christian Republican to show what he thinks is missing. He also offers part of a speech he recently gave to a group of Christian lawyers and policy leaders as a way forward.

What Does “Disciple the Nations” Mean for Law and Politics?

Apr 19, 2024

God promised “nations” would come from Abraham and Jesus told his disciples to disciple the nations. With that in mind, David uses scripture and some observations from Choc Knox and Jason Farley (Knox Unplugged) to explain how this kind of “nation building” is influencing the focus of his work in law and politics.

Nation Saving or Nation Building?

Apr 11, 2024

Many Christians, including preachers, politicians, and policy organizations, seem bent on “saving” America from further ruin by various means. Is that really the purpose for which the mystery of God was revealed in the person of Christ? Does the covenant with Abraham, illuminated by the new covenant in Christ, suggest a national purpose relative to law and civil government that Christians have not considered? And what kind of politicians and policy makers (and preachers) would we need, given our present ones seem to have failed us. Join David as he works through these questions.

How and Why Jesus Matters in Law and Civil Government

Apr 5, 2024

Eric Metaxas’s new book, Letter to the American Church, Biden’s use of the image of God in proclaiming Transgender Awareness Day, and 29 years of direct legal and policy advocacy have brought home to me with increasing urgency observations made about Christianity and society by Abraham Kuyper in the 1890’s. Is Christianity and the work and activism of most Christians in law, civil government, and public policy Christ-less? How does it matter? John Owen’s Christologia provides a needed answer.

Thinking Through “Practical Christian Politics” with Kuyper

Mar 22, 2024

In a speech given in 1891 to open the First Christian Social Congress, Abraham Kuyper nailed the problem Europe was experiencing and that America is now experiencing. His precise definition of the problem and concise explanation of it will help us evaluate whether the “practical politics” practiced by evangelical legal and policy organizations is exposes the absence of something vital to Christianity and culture.

Religious Victory or Retreat?

Mar 14, 2024

A Christian legal organization recently trumpeted a “victory for religious liberty,” but whether it was a victory depends on one’s theology. Today David uses Colossians 2 and Robert Haldane’s commentary on Romans 2:1 to show what many Christian legal and policy organizations think “victory” means, why that is their sole objective, and what a different theology might have them doing.

Did SCOTUS's Trump Decision Expose the Folly of a Faithless Christianity?

Mar 8, 2024

With its 9 to zero decision on Monday reversing Colorado’s removal of Donald Trump from the ballot, the United States Supreme Court schooled some Christian legal and policy organizations on how the Fourteenth Amendment works. And in doing so it exposed the “Hagar method” of legal advocacy they are employing to “protect” parental rights. Don’t be seduced by the promise this method holds out  because God seems slack in His promises.

Exposing the Christian Divide over a Civilization-Defining SCOTUS Decision

Mar 1, 2024

When the United States Supreme Court held in 2015 that the Fourteenth Amendment prohibited states from issuing marriage licenses to only male and female applicants, it didn’t expand the definition of marriage, but abolished it. Today David explains why this was a civilization defining decision, how gay rights lawyers are using it to redefine the parent-child relationship, and how certain Christian legal and policy organizations seem not to understand what happened to our nation.

Justice Alito Scorches Christian Policy Leaders and Pastors

Feb 23, 2024

This week Justice Alito released an opinion in a case in which Christians were presumed to be unfit to sit as jurors in a case involving a lesbian. David uses remarks from the Hale Institute’s Jeff Shafer and from Rosaria Butterfield to explain why Christian legal and policy leaders and pastors should have known such a result was coming. In doing so you will also learn how Christian organizations are working to “queer” parental rights in the states.

What Would Exercising Dominion in Law Look Like?

Feb 16, 2024

Do you think of the world as an allegory? If not, why not? Today David takes a look at those questions using exchanges between Choc Knox and Jason Farley and then explains how the “world as allegory” could better inform our understanding of the dominion mandate in relation to law and its development.

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