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A 1938 SCOTUS Decision and the Rise of “Nominal Christianity”

Dec 8, 2023

A decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1938 rejected the Christian understanding of the world and, therefore, it changed our understanding of law. David will explain the decision and give examples from his lobbying work to demonstrate how it helped change Christianity. It gave rise to what he calls “nominal Christianity.”

Thinking Through the Pastor Jeff Durbin-Speaker Mike Johnson Abortion Law Differences

Dec 1, 2023

Last week pastor Jeff Durbin of Arizona released a video that “revealed” new U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson’s opposition to a bill two years ago in Louisiana that would have treated the unborn as persons entitled to equal protection of the laws. Today David wades into the controversy to examine what kind of cosmological thinking may lie behind it with the hope that God might use the situation to edify and build up in love the Body of Christ.

What Arguing for a Biblical Cosmology in Law Looks Like

Nov 17, 2023

David takes the issue of abortion pending before the Supreme Court in Iowa and contrasts the way in which the pro-life cause was argued by the state’s attorney general to the way he presented the argument in a brief he wrote filed on behalf of pro-family organizations in 32 states. You’ll see the difference between just trying to win and trying to win in a way that restores the cosmology that produces a right to life.

Exposing the Subtle Breaking of a State’s Constitutional Covenant and its Consequences

Nov 10, 2023

In today’s episode, David uses a lawsuit pending in the Iowa Supreme Court testing its judicially created state “constitutional” right to abortion to show what the breaking of that de facto covenant by the judicial branch looks like. The Court’s high sounding but meaningless words hide what amounts to a road to tyranny our founding fathers would have recognized and resisted.

Is Christian Nationalism Going to Work

Nov 3, 2023

David responds to a listener’s question about how to restore in our law the Biblical cosmology on which the Western Legal Tradition was grounded, and how such an effort would inform and shape “Christian nationalism.”

Listener’s Email Helps Identify the Political and Legal Challenge Ahead

Oct 27, 2023

Today, David offers his thoughts and analysis on comments and questions he received by email from an astute listener. This episode will provide a great overview of recent topics leading to a challenging observation by Jeff Shafer, director of the Hale Institute, about the way the cosmos was once conceived by lawyers vis-à-vis the cosmos the U.S. Supreme Court has foisted on us all.

What Guarantees Success in Politics and Policy Work?

Oct 20, 2023

Today, David brings together past episodes on the “law of faith” and the eternal covenant to evaluate the justification for laws protecting minors from “gender transition procedures” that was given in a national op-ed written by a Christian state legislator. He will look at how to evaluate the legislator’s labor—was it “in the Lord” or “in vain”?

A big picture look at the Hamas – Israeli war

Oct 12, 2023

The outbreak of war in the Middle East provides the perfect context for today's episode as David provides the scriptural support for why the biblical covenants need to fit into our cosmology and, therefore, into our engagement with law and public policy. The material David covers today challenged the way he had been taught over the years to think about conflict in the Middle East. 

The Foundation for Knowing What We Should be Doing

Oct 6, 2023

David uses A.W. Pink, noted 20th century theologian, to look at whether we can know what we should be doing—in our lives and our politics—if we do not understand the various covenants in the Bible.  As Pink notes, the temporal covenants reveal to us “the divine side” of what God planned to do with his creation, from beginning to the end, even before He created.

The Missing Worldview Element for a Faithful Christian Politic

Sep 29, 2023

Today David notes a pervasive aspect of social order and law that seems to be wholly missing from the Christian worldview or, more broadly, Christian cosmology. He uses Herman Bavinck, A.W. Pink, William Blackstone, the U.S. Constitution, and a familiar 1992 SCOTUS decision to demonstrate his point. Faithful politics must begin to deal with this forgotten cosmological reality.

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