Drag Queen to Appear on Sesame Street

Feb 14, 2020

Bert from Sesame Street
LGBT activist Billy Porter, who won a Tony award in 2013 for his portrayal of a drag queen in the Broadway production Kinky Boots, is supposed to appear in drag on an episode of Sesame Street

More than 55,000 concerned citizens have petitioned Sesame Street’s parent company, AT&T, to prevent Porter’s appearance based on concerns of the effects of this kind of sexualized content on children.

The stance from conservatives upset Porter enough to say to the New York Post, “Stay out of my bedroom and you will be fine—that is none of your business.”

Gualberto Garcia Jones, director of advocacy at LifeSiteNews, shot back with, “Exposing children—who just want to see their favorite puppets—to sexual concepts beyond their years and maturity is just wrong. Allowing a man who is dressed up as a gender-bending man-woman is a sexual act that has no place on Sesame Street.”

If you agree and want to do something about it, add your name to the petition, or to politely make your feelings known about this issue, call Warner Media (who runs HBO Max for AT&T) at 212-484-8000.

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