Texas Dad Wins Fight To Prevent Young Son’s Transitioning

Feb 14, 2020

young person's tennis shoes and chalk outlines of gender symbols on the asphalt
Anne Georgulas, the mother who tried to transition her 7-year-old son, James Younger, through puberty-blocking hormones to become a girl she called “Luna,” lost her case in a Dallas courtroom recently.

Instead of granting her request to have sole custody of the child, the court ruled both parents would continue to have joint custody which would require both parents to agree to medical decisions.

While sharing joint custody may not have been the ideal outcome, the boy’s father, Jeffrey Younger, is thrilled that he isn’t forced to affirm his son as a girl or take classes on transgender issues, both of which would have been completely against his religious beliefs.

In the meantime, the Younger case may not be over. Georgulas' attorney said they will appeal.

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