Liberals Decry Trump Rule Over Adoption Agencies’ Religious Liberty

Nov 8, 2019

couple talking with adoption agency
Ever since Trump announced a change to the adoption process last Friday on the first day of National Adoption Month, liberals have been claiming that the administration is making it harder for homosexual parents to adopt. But is that really true?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, D-N.Y., responded to the new rule by saying, “We will not allow this noxious proposal to stop LGBTQ New Yorkers from becoming parents or providing care to children in need.”

But what does the rule really do? It just allows faith-based adoption agencies to continue to serve in a manner consistent with their religious beliefs.

The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins explains, “This rule has nothing to do with outlawing gay adoption or discrimination of any kind. The same adoption agencies that matched other families with kids before this bill will still be matching them with kids after.”

Congressman Mike Kelly, R-Pa., a big champion of faith-based adoption, joined Perkins and others in responding to comments by Cuomo and others like him in a rather straightforward way: “These are such false statements. In fact, our piece of legislation is called the Inclusion Act.”

And, added Kelly, “This president has followed through on everything he said he was going to do, especially when it comes to religious freedom.”

In the end, the truth that the secular media is not telling the public is that people of faith are the ones who are actually being excluded from adopting. How? By LGBT activists who threaten faith-based agencies to open up adoptions to gay couples or these activists will bring lawsuits that will force these agencies to close their doors.

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