South Dakota Governor Signs Born Alive Legislation

Feb 25, 2021

South Dakota Governor Signs Born Alive Legislation

Governor Kristi Noem signed House Bill 1051, which requires medical professionals to offer any baby born alive the same medical care they would offer for any other child – regardless of the circumstances of the child’s birth.
Noem’s signature means state House Bill 1051 becomes law. It overwhelmingly passed the state legislature last week. “The pro-life cause continues even after a child is born,” she said in a statement. “Today, I signed Born Alive legislation to guarantee the right to life for every baby that is born alive. We expect doctors to treat all children equally, even those born in horrific circumstances. It’s basic human decency.”
If doctors don’t provide medical care to babies still alive immediately after an attempted abortion, medical professionals can face disciplinary action, according to House Bill 1051. Doctors who fail to follow this law could be penalized $10,000 by the state. The law also allows a mother to sue any doctor or abortion facility that violates the law, imposes financial penalties on those who violate the law, and requires certain reporting to the Department of Health for any births that arise following a failed abortion.

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South Dakota HB 1051

Gov. Noem signs ‘born alive’ legislation
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