Planned Parenthood worker warns trans children are being used as ‘cash cows’

Feb 10, 2021

Planned Parenthood worker warns trans children are being used as ‘cash cows’
A Planned Parenthood employee is speaking out against the organization's practices of dispensing cross-sex hormones to trans-identifying teenagers, particularly distressed girls. 
The staffer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, recounted in an interview with journalist Abigail Shrier how she felt morally conflicted about the volume of young people coming into the clinic claiming a transgender identity and yet showed signs of emotional and mental health issues. She also expressed great concern over the speed at which they were being prescribed cross-sex hormones, such as testosterone. 
According to her testimony, no doctors were present to evaluate the teenage girls her Planned Parenthood clinic serviced, the girls were not always accompanied by a parent, and the "clinic manager" responsible for deciding who should receive testosterone or other hormones had "no prior medical experience." 
The unidentified employee claims to have worked at a Planned Parenthood clinic that services a small town of about 30,000 people. She anecdotally shared that her clinic would service 1-2 biologically female teens seeking testosterone for "gender-affirming hormone care" daily.

"[T]rans-identifying kids are cash cows, and they are kept on the hook for the foreseeable future in terms of follow-up appointments, bloodwork, meetings, etc., whereas abortions are (hopefully) a one-and-done situation," the ex-employee said.

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Ex-Planned Parenthood employee claims trans kids are 'cash cows' for abortion provider

Employee: ‘Trans-Identifying Kids Are Cash Cows’ For Planned Parenthood
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