Airline Cuts Ties With Christian Chocolate Maker

Feb 7, 2020

Swiss airline
Swiss Air is ending its business relationship with Läderach, a chocolate-making company, because the company’s CEO is a pro-life Christian who believes in biblical marriage.

Swiss Air’s concern seems to stem from crew members that are homosexual. But Johannes Läderach countered with, “No one at Läderach is homophobic—neither the management nor the staff. We have homosexuals working for us. We don’t ask about it. Läderach has a zero-tolerance policy regarding discrimination.”

But that answer from a company that employees more than 1,000 people in 14 countries apparently wasn’t good enough. Swiss Air officially terminated its partnership with Läderach last November. The treats will be completely phased out by April. Swiss Air had been getting its luxury treats from the chocolatier for more than a decade.

“I don’t want to stop fighting for my Christian values just because we’re having success as a company,” noted Läderach. “Ultimately what counts is not how much profit we make but whether we stand by our convictions.”

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