Disney’s Latest Witchcraft-Laden Cartoon for Kids

Jan 31, 2020

iPad showing the Disney Channel
A G-rated Disney show is teaching kids how to wield demonic power. A new spooky children’s cartoon featuring demons and witches called The Owl House premiered Friday, January 10 on the Disney Channel.

A Newsweek article covering the development of the show explains, “The writers' room for the show is full of books on witchcraft, witches, and spells to take inspiration from.” Art Director Ricky Cometa adds, "We really wanted to make this demon realm feel like home, and just had to figure out how to do it."

The premise of the show is that Luz, a teenage girl, stumbles upon a portal to the demonic world where she befriends a witch called Eda and demon called King. Luz decides she wants to stay and serve as Eda’s apprentice to learn how to become a witch.

But there is also another underlying theme, something that many young people, particularly creative types, can relate to; The Owl House is also a show about how a group of those who “don’t fit in” can find their sense of “belonging.”

Does that sound like the family-friendly entertainment from the Disney of old? And the truly scary part is that the demon-infested series about witchcraft has done well enough to land a second season.

Parents, if you are concerned, urge Disney Channel to cancel this show.

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