Massachusetts Joins ‘Non-Binary’ Bandwagon

Nov 15, 2019

driver putting on seatbelt in the car
Massachusetts residents now have the option of choosing “non-binary” as a “gender designation” on state driver’s licenses.

According to the state Department of Transportation, this new designation is available for new credentials, renewals, and amendments of licenses and IDs. At least 14 states as well as Washington, D.C., and New York City allow for this third designation on driver’s licenses.

Democrat state Representative Marjorie Decker wants to go a step further. She is the lead sponsor for a bill that would require the state attorney general to perform an audit of all state-controlled documents and make sure those documents also have a non-binary option.

If Decker’s bill becomes law, just imagine what that could do with the safety of all citizens when a crime is committed. How would law enforcement obtain a clear physical description of a criminal who is simply referred as an “X”?

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Non-binary gender designation is now available on Mass. licenses
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Massachusetts now offers a nonbinary driver's license option

Massachusetts offers non-binary gender designation on licenses

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