Planned Parenthood Launching ‘Wellbeing Centers’ in LA High Schools

Dec 20, 2019

pregnant teen with her teenage friend
Planned Parenthood hopes to launch a total of 50 “wellbeing centers” in Los Angeles high schools; currently, five of these centers are already open. Planned Parenthood promises that it won’t offer abortions at these high school clinics but will offer information about sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy testing, pregnancy option counseling, birth control, emergency contraception, and sexual health classes.

Incidentally, if you noticed the term emergency contraception in that last sentence and wondered what that meant, here is how Planned Parenthood defines that phrase: “a safe and effective way to prevent pregnancy up to 5 days after unprotected sex.” Emergency contraception is also known as the Morning-After pill or Plan B. Planned Parenthood will never say that the Morning-After pill is the same thing as a very early form of abortion, but it is a chemical abortifacient in those instances in which it “interrupts” a pregnancy by making the lining of the womb a hostile environment for a newly fertilized egg to implant.

Americans United for Life President and CEO Catherine Glenn Foster pointed out how Planned Parenthood’s methods are less than honest when she stated, “Planned Parenthood continues to target younger and younger girls, posing as a health services organization despite their power and profit flowing from abortion. No one can trust that Planned Parenthood will provide unbiased or medically sound support to students.”

The “wellbeing centers” are part of the California Healthy Youth Act that teaches K-12 HIV prevention and promotes acceptance of both same-sex relationships and the “gender identity” movement.

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