Rule of Law Life Act Rolled Until Next Week

Mar 13, 2020

House Public Health Subcommittee graphic
On Tuesday, March 10, the House Public Health Subcommittee was to discuss the Rule of Law Life Act, HB 1962 (companion bill is SB 1780), which was originally 14th on the list of 24 bills, but shortly before noon the bill got rolled to next week’s committee meeting.

The bill is now scheduled for the Public Health Subcommittee on Tuesday, March 17, and is eighth on the calendar. Most likely Governor Lee’s abortion proposal, HB 2263, will also be heard. FACT President David Fowler will testify in support of the Rule of Law Life Act.

The members of the Public Health Subcommittee are as follows if you want to express your opinion on the bills:

Jerry Sexton (R-Bean Station), Chair, (615) 741-2534

Vincent Dixie (D-Nashville), (615) 741-1997

Matthew Hill (R-Jonesborough), (615) 741-2251

Larry J. Miller (D-Memphis),  (615) 741-4453

Bryan Terry (R-Murfreesboro), (615) 741-2180

Micah Van Huss (R-Jonesborough), (615) 741-1717

Ryan Williams (R-Cookeville), (615) 741-1875

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